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The Enchanted Galapagos Islands are definitely a paradise, a live museum showing us constant changes within its amazing flora and fauna. Free and friendly animals inhabit this enchanted place, unique above our planet...


Once you have visited Galapagos, you must reserve some time to make your vacations even more awesome by visiting the Amazon Rainforest. The perfect spot to experience biodiversity right in front of your eyes...


Ecuador is a small little gem in South America that provides guest Andes mountain ranges stretches up and down Ecuador boasting mountainous lakes, cloud forests, haciendas with panoramic views of colossal volcanoes...


The land of the Incas, its sites take you to the powerful empire’s progress as master builders, most notably Machu Picchu. A citadel that hides in the mountains, the main inspiration for tourist to visit this historic place. The landscape is diverse, going from...


These tours are exclusively organized for people that are looking for a very specific and personalized activity while in Ecuador. Birdwatching is a great activity that can be performed by visiting unique spots where endemic...


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The natural diversity of the Enchanted Galapagos Islands offers unique wildlife encounters you won't see anywhere else. Contact us for more information and book today.

A tour to the Amazon Rainforest is a sublime journey into the heart of most biodiverse place on the planet. Contact us for more information and travel options.

The Avenue of the Volcanoes is a unique region with rich living traditions, amazing landscapes and delicious cuisine. Contact us for a free quote and personalized itinerary.


We love Ecuador, we will show you this beautiful, tiny, mega- diverse country better than anybody else because we have the knowledge, passion and experience of the last 10 years and the most important: we love what we do!

Here are just a few reasons to why you should travel with Life Galapagos Tour Operator:

Unique Hand-crafted itineraries: we can design your tour as exclusive as you like, every one of the journeys we organize are unique – because each of our clients is unique!
Let us know your time frame, your must-sees, travel preferences and special interests, and we will do the work for you. Whether you’re a passionate for photography, a natural history enthusiast, a cultural lover, a parent looking for an unforgettable family trip, or a traveler seeking for adrenaline full of adventures, you’ll find lots of opportunities that fit your passions and interests. We will suggest a first draft itinerary, and continue working from here, changing whatever detail you want, taking care of all the logistics, accommodation, transportation, fill you with special tips from all the destinations you will be visiting, everything will be very carefully done so you can just seat and relax. We do our best to make sure you have the trip that you were exactly looking for.

Destination Experts: as soon as you click on `contact us` button, one of our highly professional sales agents will put in touch with you to help you create your tailor made itinerary – and will support you from planning, to booking and all time while you are travelling. We have the first-hand knowledge of the places you will visit and 10 years of experience, so we know how to create a journey that’s unforgettable

Real Value at a fair price: When travel deals focus on being cheap, their purpose is to meet sales targets, not your needs. We believe in being the co-creators of your dream vacation and give you the best possible value.

On Tour Support 24/ 7: Traveling could be a little unpredictable from time to time, so we will be there to give you support at any time of the day. If you want to confirm a booking, make some changes to the itinerary, add something that you missed, our team are here to help 24/7. If you need us, you have a direct, 24/7 phone line to get help or advice.

Local Guides: All of our tour guides are locals to the country or city they help you explore. With years of experience, our guides will help you get closer to the heart and soul of Ecuador while providing you safety and security.

Accommodation: Life Galapagos Tour Operator offer a range accommodation from tourist class lodging to exclusive luxury and elegant hotels which have been chosen for their charm and native warmth.


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The trip was excellent from beginning to end.  The Isabella II was a fine ship and the crew and guides, etc. were all of the highest quality. For us the ship was the perfect size—not too small and not too large—and we were lucky with the number of passengers.   The food was very good and the meals well planned and well timed.

As a matter of further interest, the Oro Verde was an excellent hotel, particularly our service and accommodations on the Club Floor at the beginning and the end of our trip.  Again, the staff was most welcoming and helpful, fully extending themselves at every opportunity.  The location is also excellent for spending some time in the center of the city.

So, in summary, we have the highest of praise for your assistance and the arrangements you made for us and for your help in all aspects of the planning of our trip.



Manitoba, Canada

You did an amazing job of organizing, and planning our trip to accommodate our desired locations and changes in dates. The private guides were great. Most of them went above and beyond their job and gave us a truly personal, heartfelt welcome to your country. We saw Quito, Amazon and Galapagos.

It was so nice to truly have expectations set, met, and exceeded. All we had to do was show up.



Chicago, USA

I was very happy in every way with your booking and the Amazon Lodge. It surpassed my expectations in every way. No hitches with flights and transportation. The Lodge was beautiful and the staff was professional and friendly. Our guide was amazing and made sure as a non Spanish speaker that I understood and seen everything he pointed out. I was truly impressed with they way he spotted everything from insects to monkeys to macaws. We even had the unexpected pleasure of seeing a river dolphin.



Calgary, Canada